Dash Creative


In a world where millions of brands are vying for consumers’ attention, standing up and out is the only option. You need content and design experts to charge into the fight for recognition, engagement, and conversion. That’s Dash Creative, Dashlane’s in-house brand studio. We’re passionate about transforming ideas into extraordinary experiences and determined to keep moving the Dashlane brand forward as quickly 
as possible.


Creative Director, Jim Schachterle
Director of Creative Ops, Nicole Timme
Art Director, Julie Safferstein
Senior Designer, Mike Domina
Senior Designer, Sean Coates
Senior Copywriter, Jessica Abbey
Copywriter, Baylee Pawsey
Senior UX Writer, Amber Hunter


Senior Design Director, Cris Mascort
Design Director, Joakim Jansson
Design Principal, Gabe Benzur
Senior Brand Designer, Lucy Traver 
Dashlane Illustrations, Ray Dak Lam
Authenticator Illustrations, Rune Fisker


Brand & Creative Strategy
Copywriting & Content Development
Art Direction & Visual Design
Digital Design & UX
Communications & Campaigns
Video & Motion Design