For more than 25 years, eBay defined a new era of commerce through the art of connection—placing people at the heart of the experience. Form& partnered with eBay's brand leadership to define a new design language for those experiences, highlighting eBay’s diversity, depth, and dedication to people. The result was a revolutionary brand system—redefining a new era of connection.


Studio, Form&
eBay, Mark Kozlowski
Principal, Manuel Dilone
Principal, Jim Schachterle
Executive Producer, Megan O’Malley
Design, Estelle Kim
Design, Ross Gendels
Design, Jill Lin
Design, Rebecca Lim
Design, Josephine Tansara
Design, Steve Winchell
Photography, Cody Guilfoyle
Photography, Michael O'Neal
Typeface, Swiss Typefaces


Design Strategy
Tone of Voice
Brand Identity Design
Brand Guidelines
Experience Design